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Your trainer will be in touch shortly to finalise your plan but firstly, please READ BELOW and pop us a message once you're finished to confirm you have read it.



Once you have downloaded the app, you will find the schedule tab on the right hand side drop down menu.

The schedule will display "YOUR NAME Online Coaching #1".

Click this, and press "View Schedule" which will open up your plan.

The schedule is set up as a day-by-day checklist - showing both your nutrition plan and training schedule.

On Day 1, you will need to click on the nutrition plan and log your food throughout the day, as well as completing any workouts given. It is also key to take progress photos and measurements on the first day!

NOTE: You may notice I have given you exactly the same meal plans each day for week 1. This is so the meals are easy and affordable to prep in bulk ahead of the week! However, if this doesn't suit you, please do let me know - it's your plan so it will be tailored to you!



There is a shopping list tab on the drop down menu also but this will show you the foods you require for the next 4 weeks so it would be preferable to have a quick scan through your plan each week and create your own shopping list from there!



Make sure you log your workouts by clicking on each one via the SCHEDULE - don't forget to press save at the end!

There is also a timer icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app during your workouts so make sure you use that for any timed exercises or timed rest!

I will also add in a quick morning abs workout to your plan - it takes 15 minutes and is definitely worth doing to get insane results!



In terms of payment cycle, it's a direct debit of your agreed price per week (or per month if you've chosen that option) that will be taken out of your account. 

We do request a 2 week notice period if you do wish to cancel the programme.

However, on sign up you will be prompted to sign a document agreeing to a minimum of 4 weeks, so say you wanted to cancel you would need to give notice at the 2 week mark, to finish after 4 weeks!



In terms of the plan, I send out an updated plan every 4 weeks - this is why you can only ever view 4 weeks at a time.

After the first 4 weeks, I will send you a feedback form to complete - almost like a more in-depth check-in - to see what is working and what you'd prefer to be done differently.

From this information, I will make the next 4 weeks and then send it across!

This means the plan is fully tailored to you and kept up-to-date at all times. However, just because it will be changed every 4 weeks - if there are any problems or changes you'd like to be made before/after the 4 week point then please just let your coach know and we can do them asap!

This is then all repeated at the 8 week mark, then 12 weeks etc.

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