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Remember your first class is completely FREE!

Comment below and let us know which class you'd like to attend and we'll get you on the register!

- In terms of payment, we have 2 Class Memberships available, either £25 for 4 sessions, these can be used at Bootcamp and/or Weights & Tone and have no deadline on when they need to be used by.

- Our second membership is £35 a month, you can attend all 8 Weights & Tone and Bootcamp classes per month, works out at around £4.38 per session. You also receive a loyalty card with the £35 membership and when you have been to 10 classes you receive £5 off your next month!

Tuesday | Weights & Tone | 7-8PM

This class has no cardio and purely works with weighted exercises to sculpt the bodies of the RACKS community! We usually design sessions to work on the full body so that you can feel a burn, as well as a challenge at the end. More often than not, this is a lower intensity class than our BOOTCAMP on Thursday as it has no cardio. 

Thursday | Bootcamp | 7-8PM

This tends to be the busiest class. Our signature BOOTCAMP’s are a mixture of cardio, weights & abs. This is more functional, meaning that we use equipment that you may not have used before. A great session if you want to be worked at a higher intensity.

Make the most of that free class - BOOK ON TODAY !

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