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Mid-week Meal Ideas - Veggie Style

There has been a great deal of speculation following the release of the Netflix "Game Changers"!

If you've been persuaded to add in some vegetarian or plant based options to your diet, then read on...

If you're just making a start into the vegetarian lifestyle, without going fully vegan, then the addition of cheese or nuts to a salad is a great way to still feel like you're getting a warm, tasty meal - without the normal main ingredient - meat or fish!

The popular favourites are halloumi or goats cheese, toasted pine nuts or cashews! Pair this with a sweet balsamic glaze and/or some hot roasted vegetables and you can transform the standard salad to a filling winter meal!

If a salad just doesn't do it for you on a Wednesday evening, then it's time to add in a carb or two! If you've ever had a meal plan from Racks - you'll know just how much we love a stir fry!

The same basics apply to a vegan stir fry! Pick your veg, pick your noodles (egg free!!), and either buy or cook your own stir fry sauce! You can even get extra creative by adding a meat alternative, such a tofu, or Quorn.

If you're really in the mood for a Friday Feast - then nothing quite says comfort food like a burger!

There are many vegetarian/vegan options in the supermarkets now, although there are some great recipes available if you'd prefer to cook your burger from scratch - our favourite is

Hope you get some inspiration from the above meal ideas and let us know if you give any of them a try!

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