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What's Going on at Racks...

We thought this week we would take you a bit behind the scenes at Racks Fitness, and let you know what we're getting up to at the moment!

We've been filming multiple exercises and workouts in the studio, as well as filming some of our bootcamp classes - we're looking to get these edited into a nice little promotional video!! So a big thanks to those of you who were happy to be filmed!! Keep an eye out on our Instagrams for some previews!

We're also dedicating multiple hours per week to producing new nutrition plans for our online clients! Our individual plans are tailored to our clients calorie requirements but we also like to ensure we're always refreshing the meals in the plans themselves! Our aim is to make sure no foods are off limits, so we love a challenge of making a normally unhealthy meal - healthy! We've got carbonara's, pasta bakes, sweet treats, fish & chips and more!! Comment below if there are any meals you'd like us to add on?

If you've been in for a Personal Training session recently, you might have noticed we have some brand new Racks black towels! These are for our clients to use when they're in the studio training with us, so make sure you ask for one at your next session!

Speaking of merchandise.... HOODIES HAVE BEEN RELEASED!! Wooo!

Have a little look at the images below! We do still have some sizes in stock so if you're interested in purchasing one, then message us via Instagram at - or, send us an enquiry on the website!!

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