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“Since working with Jack, I feel so much more confident with my body! ... It's an easy plan to follow ... I am genuinely proud of what I have achieved"


“Chose to go ahead [with Racks] as only ever heard positive things about it. I've grown my self esteem and am more confident in myself"


“Since I started with Jack I have achieved more than I thought I ever could. He has helped me lose 2 stone and transform my body completely"


“The transformations we saw were pretty amazing. We like the combination of on-line and in-person training as it gives us the opportunity to ask questions"

Ilona & Jamie

“Rhys made me feel very comfortable from early on and never mocked me for not being able to achieve something! He would push me but never force me to go above my ability!"


“Rhys pushes and motivates you to achieve your best. I like how each session is planned and tailored to you. I have lost about 2 stone with Rhys and have generally got a lot stronger and fitter."


“My fitness has got so much better since I've been PT'ing with Rhys every Monday! Feeling more confident, super fun and always have a laugh!"


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